The essence of my light…

Mark and I went to Michigan this last week and had the opportunity to spend some time in nature. My sweet husband knows time spent in nature allows me the gift of reflection and the ability to open my soul. . .

My heart is like fall, I’m transitioning, slowing down, and reflecting on my life. The crisp cool morning reminds me to breathe deeply and as the brisk air fills my lungs, I feel so alive.

For most of my life I’ve lived with negative self-talk, and growing up I was never enough. Now I find myself hurrying through life, trying to make things happen, constantly putting pressure on myself, and never fully experiencing the gift of now. In a sense, I’m chasing after joy. There have been so many self-doubts and unnecessary hurtful feelings inside of me. My heart constantly feels stuck and never whole. Deep inside, I know I can feel more joy, deeper love, trustfully, and I know I can be a witness to life and be so present that my soul melts. 

As I walk under the canopy of oak and maple trees they emit an eclectic hue filling my soul with boundless amounts of peace. As I follow the well-worn path, covered in moist pine needles, I open my heart and I am reminded to breathe at this moment. My pulse quickens with excitement as I know it that I have the opportunity to heal, and grow. I’m learning to live completely, to wake up to the present moment with awareness of the here and now.

Passing by the freshwater creek we catch a glimpse of a rainbow trout feeding on the surface, quickly retreating under a log to provide cover from my bounding, joyful chocolate lab. As I watch my dog fully living in the present moment, I know that life happens FOR me and I experience an unexplainable sense of calm. 

Fallen trees covered in dense forest moss, squirrels chirping with warnings of our arrival and the moisture in the air alert us to the incoming storm. It’s time to leave this beautiful time of tranquility for now. As I go throughout the rest of my day I am aware of the calmness that rests in my soul, and a smile appears on my face. 

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