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How nutritional therapy can help

Recognizing that each person is a unique individual with personal make-up taste and unique dietary and nutritional requirements. I offer a comprehensive case history from you covering current and past health concerns, current and previous diet and lifestyles, and family health history. I will include guidance on supporting digestion and absorption of nutrients, natural detoxification, managing stress, and also help you with the avoidance of allergens and/or toxins. I educate you on why your health challenges arose and how to take back control of your health. 

My ultimate desire is to live a disease-preventing life, answer the tough questions, and share my knowledge I acquired over my journey with anyone and everyone that will listen. I want to help others create a passion for nutritious foods I have come to know and love, as well as to highlight chemical toxins that are lurking in everyday life. Join me on this incredible journey. I want you to be the one to write the rest of you life’s story! 


As one-of-a-kind individuals, our diets must be as unique as we are. Nutrition should be geared towards the needs of the individual to include meats, healthy fats, fruits, and veggies—proper nutrition-dense whole foods fuels our engines to work correctly, lasts longer, and run smoothly.

Strength, Flexibility & Movement

Although the misconception is that we must spend hours in the gym with loads of strenuous exercise, health can look very different for everyone. Staying healthy for the lifestyle YOU love to live and conditioning the muscles to support you through the journey is what I have come know and love.

Self-Care, Sleep & Meditaton

To support our daily, sometimes hectic lives, self-care becomes a significant pillar to a strong foundation. Although nutrition and exercise are necessary, taking care of your mental state is just as important. The mentality is what carries us to our goals, reduces stress, and helps us deal with whatever life throws our direction.

Non Toxic Living


Modern living subjects us to more toxins than we realize. As we know, toxins wreak havoc on our bodies. Through research, I have discovered some of the worst toxins that are in daily use and how they can be replaced by safe and healthy alternatives. Toxins alter our hormones and genetic expression.

Client success

I was so sad to lose her when she moved to California this past spring as I have never felt better and never had more personalized one on one training ever. She catered to all my ailments such as whiplash & neck injuries, as well as my constant knee issues.  She would consult with my PT to customize my workouts on what they both felt best for me. Again to find someone you can trust and that can push you to your full potential is a rare and beautiful quality to find in a personal trainer. Tammy Schneider



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