to my corner of the world, I’m Vicki!

I’m obsessed with:

…a deliciously creamy cup of french press coffee,  my 4-year-old chocolate lab, Olivia Grace, and Double Stuff Oreo cookies.  

My happiest days:

…are spent at the beach gazing at the crystal blue waters of the ocean or exploring the vast beauty of nature deep within the woods.

For most of my life:

I’d found my self-worth in people-pleasing, recognition from others, and constantly filling my void with athletic accomplishments. But now, I’m devoted to living from my most authentic identity, the sound of my own soul.

One of my favorite quotes is:

“I am here to keep becoming truer, more beautiful versions of myself again and again forever.” ~ Glennon Doyle, Untamed

Vicki Starr - Certified RESET Breathwork Facilitator
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Being cracked open

Throughout my twenties and thirties, I gave myself to growing a thriving career in fitness and athletics, running my own personal training studio, and helping clients stay healthy through exercise and nutrition. But deep down, I felt lost! I had a profound sense that something was missing.

Who am I?  Am I the person I’ve always wanted to be?  Am I the truest version of myself?

These questions reverberated in my chest over time and slowly began to crack something open deep within my soul.


Then, witnessing my dad walk through the end of his life shook me wide awake. I genuinely wanted to make sure that I never went to bed feeling like I had wasted a day. Suddenly, I had a deep desire to shed the layers within me that were no longer of service: the people-pleasing, the feelings of not being enough, the shame, and the disconnection I felt from life. 

So, I began searching for tools that would help reconnect me to myself. I dove headfirst into practicing yoga and meditation and started experiencing more inner peace as a result. Through these modalities, I learned how to fall in love with the present moment and noticed my internal landscape recalibrating.

But, the single most profound shift in my life happened when I experienced Breathwork. I went from being stuck inside a cage of emotionally hardened protective shells and not living fully to tapping into and understanding my intuition, healing past childhood trauma, and learning to be deeply present by feeling all the feels of life. 

This 3-part guided Breathwork technique provides a path to quiet the mind and shift your internal dialogue- the kind of shift that can change your entire life and lead you into a life of complete liberation!

It’s a path to emotional and spiritual transformation!

Everything you need to keep going is already living inside of you. Sometimes we just need help sifting through the noise.

My offerings are specifically designed for getting quiet so you can listen for the life that's burning deep within your soul!