Holy Cravings!

Digestion & cravings, sleep & grocery store items. I’m almost 2 weeks into my 28-day Nutritional Reboot and can I tell you that I’ve had some pretty good sugar cravings. Knowing that my body is pretty freaking amazing and if I listen to it, it will tell me something is off, for example, craving sugar. What does this mean? Well, getting to the root of the symptom is super important and in this case, all signs lead to not eating enough healthy fats. Writing down what I’m eating in my food & mood journal has been helpful so I can track & visually see if I’ve eaten enough proteins, healthy fats, veggies & non-processed carbohydrates each day. The moral to this story is that I’m adding in more healthy fats each day such as; avocados, almond butter, unsweetened coconut flakes, or a handful of macadamia nuts. (my favorite . . . or wait is it cashews?) Plus the added benefit of healthy fats is they give me sustained energy throughout the day. Wahoo!

Now, let’s talk about sleep. I’m not going to lie, I love to sleep, and when I get 8 – 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night do I feel AH-MAZ-ING! Every system in my body and all the operations of my body including detoxification, hormone production, and immune support reset during sleep. Now that I’m eating better and supporting the health of my digestive system, avoiding any caffeine after 12 pm, I am sleeping so much better! And man does my husband love the fact that I’m not on an emotional rollercoaster from being sleep deprived. Can you say, “healthy relationship”? 

I bet you’re wondering what I bought at the grocery store. Let me share a little secret with you, always walk the perimeter of the store. Meaning, if you walk down all the interior isles you are walking into the land of manufactured foods laden with chemical ingredients. These are the foods that are made and processed in factories attributing to poor health and failing our digestive systems. For me, I love to venture through all the produce to see how many colorful vegetables I can put into my basket. Vegetables provide my body with an amazing source of vitamins and nutrients to help it thrive and the added bonus is the fiber helps to stimulate my digestive system. Constantly varying the variety, and switching up different veggies provides all sorts of yumminess, vitamins, and minerals.  Now, I’m helping my body to heal naturally, building a better foundation to support health and longevity. 

Want to learn more? Next week I’ll provide one of my favorite, quick and easy meals and resources on organic foods.

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