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The essence of my light…

Mark and I went to Michigan this last week and had the opportunity to spend some time in nature. My sweet husband knows time spent in nature allows me the gift of reflection and the ability to open my soul. . . My heart is like fall, I’m transitioning, slowing down, and reflecting on my life. The crisp cool morning reminds me to breathe deeply and as the brisk air fills my lungs, I feel so alive. For most of my life I’ve lived with negative self-talk, and growing up I was never enou[...]


Holy Cravings!

Digestion & cravings, sleep & grocery store items. I’m almost 2 weeks into my 28-day Nutritional Reboot and can I tell you that I’ve had some pretty good sugar cravings. Knowing that my body is pretty freaking amazing and if I listen to it, it will tell me something is off, for example, craving sugar. What does this mean? Well, getting to the root of the symptom is super important and in this case, all signs lead to not eating enough healthy fats. Writing down what I’m eating[...]